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Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
separating them and they had to interact with the local law enforcement and local government. the local government is going, what is going on here? vegas was part of nevada and utah were mormon. the center of power used to be in salt lake city. it is still, to a degree. it was frowned upon. there was gambling and prostitution down there. with all this money, i think the folks up there when, hey, we should get our hands around this and get control of the situation. it made for strange bedfellows. really odd marriages of really different cultures in a way that we had not seen before. tavis: what are you learning so far about walking in the shoes of a wise guy, trying to go good? >> is really an interesting perspective. let's -- try to divorce yourself from me for a moment. this is part of my process. reading, talking to individuals, taking in information from whatever quarter i can find it. the attitude is, not speaking for myself, what separates me from law enforcement? nothing. they are just the people with the badges. they do things that are as corrupt and more corrupt than me. t
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
impact is local but also on state emissions. california has all kinds of stuff on the balanced, because if you have got more money than your opponent, you could win. tavis: joe biden has apparently written a tell-all, and i am told it is not a flattering picture he paints of the vice president. i do not know if that would have any impact. the question is what kind of nose itches -- what kind of buzz is generated. it >> if an idealistic young american comes to washington to change things, but washington changes him. in the process of explaining his story, he takes after his former boss, joe biden, and portrays joe biden in a negative light. it is also a scathing indictment of how washington politics works and how both parties will relate to the business community who. this gentleman also places a pretty broad indictment on both parties in terms of how they .elate to wall street triggere tavis: will the republicans hold onto the house? i was just in my home state of indiana, and mr. murdoch has put his foot in his mouth again, and that is a tight race, but will the democrats hold on to th
Oct 31, 2012 12:30am EDT
of the state and local level? >> hispanics are not monolithic, and when you look at florida, you have a cuban-american community that has historically been very republican. i think people are interested and want to report hispanic candidates, they are good. if marco rubio had had a pro in negation reform position, he would be the candidate, but since he does not, he was not chosen. eventually, i think the more sober voices will have more weight. tavis: what you think is the future of marco rubio? he did not win the hispanic vote. what is your read on his future? >> he is an intelligent man. he is quite articulate. does he play in florida? i am not sure. does he play in taxes, i am not sure. marco rubio is seen in some ways of being the latino face of a party that is very harsh to latinos. >> the democratic mayor acquitted himself quite nicely. what is his future? >> he is probably the biggest star they have the right now. he is a very smart guy. he is highly educated and very different from a lot of other latino politicians. he is completely american in his point of view. i think
Oct 3, 2012 8:00am EDT
debates by the candidates, there is going to be at some local, i do not know how pronounced this will be, but i suspect there will be a real debate about the proper role of government. i hope we can have a head on a conversation about that. i would love to see just an explicit, direct question put to both of them about what role of government is as they see it. because that is what undergirds this entire debate is how we see the role of government. so romney gets caught on this 47% videos saying, in fact, that there are too many americans who feel entitled to health care, to food, and to housing. they feel entitled to health care, food, and housing. i ask you a direct question. are americans entitled to those three things? >> a good society insures those things for its citizens. and that helps make its citizenry healthy, productive, active and dynamic. and the countries that are successful in this world right now, the country with low unemployment, with the lack of priority, with the skills and the ability to compete internationally, the countries like sweden or germany or the netherl
Oct 19, 2012 12:30am EDT
inspiration on that plane? >> well, the germ of the idea was a council of action, a local council election that was subverted by teenagers which was a device to expose certain secrets, yes, that was the basic idea, and i was excited by that idea, because it was going to give me an opportunity to explore a lot of things that are important to me, and things that obsess me frankly. >> rose: like? >> for example, i just talked about the fact that i was in a very precarious situation for a few year i was probably as poor as you can go without being homeless in the uk which is not to say friend and family didn't help me because they did, but, you know, it was tough, and. >> rose: and you were writing a book and had to depend on the government? >> well, yes, i did, although i was working part-time, the law at that time was you could earn up to a very small amount per week without forfeiting housing benefit which was the thing that was keeping us homed so i worked up to that amount, i had a clerical job in a church at one point, so i -- and then i was teaching, but we were still existing
Oct 18, 2012 8:00am EDT
is like for a patient. we say, "you have a very small, localized cancer. do not worry. it is no big deal." but to the patient, they hear "cancer," and nothing after that. do not just assume that he knows what you are thinking and feeling. tavis: this is, again, something not covered in your text, but it is personal, a personal ax to grind, and i grind this ax due to personal interest, but also because i am a personality. i am ushered in the back door, and they get to me rather quickly. that is not all of the time. that is not always the case. i have in my life been sent to see a specialist, and i get to the specialist, and they do not know me from adam. it is not my personal physician, and i have found myself sit root race. it is not something covered directly in your text, but i wonder how much of this relationship is with patients being made to feel like they are just another number, they are -- if i get to your office on time, do not make me sit for 1.5 hours to two hours, or rush me when i get in there. i am trying to figure out, any other relationship, you want to feel like you
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)